Health Karma had a group project for BrainStation Students. They wanted a widget for customers to login to their profile & see family members accounts, book doctors appointments and see medical history. 
My role in this project was the Asset Collector. I collected Images to go with the project, art to go with the information detailing our presentation & information.
When I was finished with tasks, I asked what else I could do to contribute to the project. I cleaned up & corrected photos of sketches to be placed in presentation. For the presentation, I read some slides for the presentation, then I closed out out presentation to Health Karma. 
Health Karma choose our widget & presentation  as the winner for all the groups. 
Danais- Maker, Emily-UX-Writer, Eleni- Stitcher
Tools: Figma, Sharpie & Sketchbook. 
Role: UX/UI Designer & Asset Collector
Time: 1 Week.
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