Hello, I'm Bruce Palmer. I'm a graduate of BrainStation UX/UI Design program with a background in graphic design based in Miami, FL
During my 12 weeks, at BrainStation, I learned new skills, worked on personal projects, and group of the projects we worked with Web Development students for a 24 hour Creating a Widget for 
NBC/Universal Telemundo, for manager to see what editors are working on, how many hours are spent on each project. 
For class project, my Capstone is based on an app called labor only.  The user can buy their own car parts, research a mechanic by price & reviews, choose a mechanic, book a date & time for maintenance repair. Drop off car to get repaired, when service is done, when paying, you will be only charged for the labor the mechanic has worked on. Saving the customer money, buying their own parts to keep cost down.